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The article presents the preliminary results of the excavations of Abu Erteila by the joint Italian-Russian mission which started in 2009. Excavations of Kom I and Kom II at Abu Erteila have demonstrated fragments of various structures of the temple complex. The form and material from the excavated rooms and a number of finds show the similarity to the several monuments in the Bütana region and in particular in Musawwarat es Sufra. According to the available data, one may assume that a governor’s palace was located in Abu Erteila, including living quarters, kitchens with heating, a reception hall, and facilities for staff and household structures. The results of archaeological excavations leave no doubt in the existence of a temple complex in Abu Erteila, constructed at the beginning of the Meroitic Period. Lower chronological dating is presumably assigned to the third century BCE. The upper chronological level of the living existence can be dated from the fifth century CE and probably even from the Christian epoch.

Meroe kingdom, archeology of ancient Sudan, Meroe temple centers, Meroe administrative centers, Meroite ceramics, Meroite epigraphy, Egyptian-Meroite syncretism
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